Total Costs of Baby Making (IUI)

I will be keeping a running tally and updating this post after any appointments or after we receive any bills. We are hoping this list, encompassing all of our medical conception expenses, will help others with budgeting. Please note that these costs vary depending on clinics, insurances, luck, and everything in between.

So far, we are up to $13,455.85 with 5 IUI attempts comprising $12,959.74. Now, we are moving on to at home inseminations with a known donor and we expect expenses to slow down. See below for the details by month. Feel free to ask any questions or comments. Thanks!

Updated as of November 8, 2018

August 2017
Consultation with Physician Assistant $145.00
Parking (Two cars $5/each) $10.00
September 2017
Antibiotic Rx for HSG $7.00
Basal Thermometer $12.90
100 LH Test Strips $22.95
October 2017
Consultation with Reproductive Endocrinologist $250.00
Parking (Two cars $8/each) $16.00
Seattle Sperm Bank All-Access Pass $50.00
Manhattan Cryo Bank All-Access Pass $50.00
Extended Profile for Sperm Donor $5.00
Access to Baby Photo for Sperm Donor $10.00
November 2017
Antibiotic Rx for SHG $7.00
Genetic Testing for Lyn $199.00
Four Acupuncture Sessions $129.00
OB/GYN Co-Pay $25.00
Medical Records $25.81
December 2017
6 Vials of Sperm (Shipping Included) $3,990.00
Digital Clear Blue Ovulation Kits $30.49
2 Additional Vials of Sperm $1,270.00
Hysteroscopy Co-Pay $25.00
January 2018
Post-Surgery Consult with RE $150.00
Parking $6.00
Notary to Thaw Sperm $20.00
February 2018
CD1 Appointment  $650.00
Consult with PA $125.00
Ultrasound $270.00
Blood Tests $255.00
Parking $8.00
March 2018
CD1 Appointment $470.00
Consult with PA $125.00
Ultrasound $270.00
Blood Test $75.00
Parking $6.00
Mid-Cycle Monitoring Appointment $225.00
Ultrasound $150.00
Consult with PA $75.00
Blood Test to Confirm LH Surge $180.00
IUI Appointment $450.00
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) $325.00
IUI Ready Prep $125.00
CD1 Appointment $470.00
Consult with PA $125.00
Ultrasound $270.00
Blood Test $75.00
Parking $6.00
April 2018
Digital Clear Blue Ovulation Kits $30.49
First Response Early Results (3pk) $12.98
Mid-Cycle Monitoring Appointment $225.00
Ultrasound $150.00
Consult with PA $75.00
Ovidrel Trigger Shot $107.00
IUI #1 Appointment $450.00
IUI #2 Appointment $450.00
Parking $7.00
Blood Test – Beta & Progesterone $180.00
Blood Test – Beta $90.00
May 2018
Ultrasound & Consult with RE $325.00
LH and HCG Urine Strip Tests $24.95
Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test, 20 Ovulation Tests $27.72
July 2018
Consult with RE $125.00
Genetic Testing for Em $199.00
IUI Appointment $450.00
August 2018
IUI Appointment $405.00
First Response 6 Days Sooner $12.98
September 2018
Baseline Appointment $395.00
Progesterone (Qty: 40) $61.10
Femara/Letrozole (Qty: 20) $9.41
Midcycle Appointment $225.00
Estradiol 2mg (Qty: 30) $17.99
Ovidrel Trigger Shot (Qty: 1) $107.00
HCG Test Strips $10.95
October 2018
HCG Beta Bloodwork $90.00
Midcycle Appointment $200.00
At Home Insemination Supplies:
OPK Test Strips (40-Pack) $11.45
Pre-Seed $20.56
Specimen Cups with Lids $8.14
5mL Syringes (10-pack) $7.99
Softcup (14-pack) $22.99
November 2018
Annual Sperm Storage $225.00
Total $13,455.85

18 thoughts on “Total Costs of Baby Making (IUI)

    • So far yes. Majority of this cost though (over 5k) comes from donor sperm, of which we bought 8 vials. If we get pregnant and have extra vials still at the bank we can recoup some of this money (75% of the original vial price)

      Each IUI cycle costs us around 1k without sperm. Most of that cost is for the monitoring and medications. The actual procedure is the least expensive part of that.


      • We’re just staggered by how much cheaper it is in the US compared to the UK. Over here, 8 vials of donor sperm would set us back a minimum of about £7000, and one stimulated cycle of IUI (like you have done, with the fertility drugs) would be an absolute minimum of £2,500 – That’s about $10,000 for the sperm and an absolute minimum of $3,500 for one stimulated cycle of IUI. Hence why we’re going down the DIY at home with a known donor route!

        Mind. Blown. I knew it was staggeringly expensive over here, but didn’t quite grasp the extent of the discrepancy.

        (For all of what you’ve done so far, over here it would have set you back nearly $30,000! If that makes you feel a little better about the cost.)

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      • Wow! That is a big difference. As someone who works in business, I wonder how much profits are in this category of medicine and how much of the costs actually cover their expenses. But we’ll never know that, haha. Either way, I hope you two are successful with the DIY method and avoid some of the hefty expenses over there. Sending you positive thoughts and lots of baby dust. 💛


  1. Wow… I am insanely jealous of how cheap it has been for you!
    In Australia, you can’t buy sperm, you can only pay a fertility clinic for use of sperm, which is charged per use at $750. This means that last IVF cycle, in which 3 eggs were retrieved from my wife, we paid $250 per individual sperm.
    Imagine if sperm donors got paid that sort of money…

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  2. Well, I can answer that. It’s illegal to pay someone for sperm here so donors get nothing.
    Another interesting bit of trivia is that donor eggs cost $20 000 for 7 eggs and the donor, again, cannot be paid anything.

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