6 Ways Not to Take an OPK


Em here. So as you may have learned in the last post, I am going to try to carry baby #1 while Lyn finishes school and figures out a new promotion at work. She has figuratively passed the torch to me and I have a lot to learn in a short amount of time. I may be able to do my first IUI in as little as 4 weeks! To prepare, I’ve been tracking my ovulation with Clear Blue Digital OPKs and the cheapy test strips. But as a rookie to this TTC world, I still have a lot to learn and have experienced a little turbulence on this OPK train. Lyn has been an excellent teacher and thank goodness for her patience. Here are 6 ways not to take an OPK–which may or may not have happened in real life…

  1. Inserting the Clear Blue test strip into the test holder and then not peeing on it for another 2 hours
  2. Successfully taking the test and then walking away to do laundry and never check on it
  3. Taking an OPK 1 hour after first morning urine
  4. Peeing on the Clear Blue test strip but not inserting it all the way into the test holder
  5. Holding your pee for a couple hours after first morning urine for the sole intention of doing an OPK and then peeing straight into the toilet (and watching your precious urine spiral down to the abyss)
  6. Peeing on the Clear Blue test strip for 3 seconds in stream instead of the required 5-7 seconds


Luckily, I didn’t get a surge until CD19 so these hypothetical situations didn’t hold us back from figuring out my LH surge. Anyone else have funny OPK ‘oops’ stories?


11 thoughts on “6 Ways Not to Take an OPK

  1. I’ve done all of those things. My wife and I started keeping a cup near the toilet, so whenever I was in the test zone, all I had to remember to do was pee in the cup. If I was too groggy to test because it was only 4am, I could dip the stick when I got up later. Or, if I goofed up the stick or whatever, we could always retest with the same pee. And honestly, when things started to look close, I would sometimes use two test strips on one pee just to confirm results. Neurotic? Maybe, but it gave me peace of mind.

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    • Fair enough! I definitely started leaving the cup of urine until we got what we needed. On some tries, we would do both a digital and one of the cheap test trips to confirm.


  2. I’ve totally done most of these! I ended up moving to the cheapo strips this time. Something I learned after ttc for about 6 months, the best time to test with an opk is between 2 and 7pm. The fmu is best for pregnancy tests. Good luck with your first attempt!

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    • Thank you! And I’ll have to keep that in mind. I know towards the end I moved from testing at work around noon to testing at home around 4:30. It just made it all a whole lot easier. We’ll see what happens next cycle!


  3. Clear blue digital are great, costs add up!! I only use them to confirm my positive cheapie test per recommendation of my fertility clinic. that way a box of digitals can last monthsss. The cheap tests are just as accurate, just harder to interperate the results (in my opinion).

    This is probably weird but.. I keep a small (empty) votive candle holder on the back of the toilet for urine collection, so maybe if you remember mid pee your supposed to be collecting you can catch some if its right near by!! I just wash with soap & water after and put it back, you could also leave disposable cups if that’s more your style.

    I’ve also read many sources recommend women to test for LH surge in the evening, not first morning urine, but to take care to not drink anything for 4 hours or so.

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    • We also keep cups near the toilet during OPK times of the month. I usually keep the tests in eyesight as well as a reminder. After the LH surge, I’ll put the tests back in the medicine cabinet.

      I’ve also read the same thing on doing OPKs in the afternoon/evening and to avoid first morning urine. First morning urine would be so much easier though, haha. I’d probably remember more. At least pregnancy tests use first morning urine.


  4. I have literally had to leave the ovulation test sitting on top of the toilet seat so that I will see it because otherwise I stumble into the bathroom each morning half asleep with eyes barely open and forget all about the test until AFTER I have flushed the toilet. haha

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