TWW has begun!

Hey friends! This is Em. We’ve been a little quiet mostly because it has been an uneventful waiting game. We met with the RE at the beginning of the month to review my records and devise a plan. Because I have regular cycles and seem to ovulate on my own, the doctor wanted to try an unmedicated/natural IUI. I was open to it because it would slightly reduce our chance of multiples. We all agreed and we were told to simply call in when we get an LH surge which sounded simple enough!

So, I started testing on CD9 and it was negative, as expected. Last cycle, I had a positive CD18 but it is important to note that I haven’t had a period in about 2 years because my OB/GYN allowed me to skip them with birth control to avoid brutal cramps. Needless to say, my period hasn’t been regular. Luckily I did start testing early because we started seeing the test strip lines get darker on the cheap OPKs starting on CD11 (Thursday). So we started thinking that it was very likely that we would need to go into the RE’s office over the weekend for an IUI. On Friday, we got a positive on the cheap test strip but a negative on the digital Clear Blue OPK. This caused some panic but we both decided to wait another day because the Clear Blue test line was still pretty light. On Saturday, I held my pee for an impressive 7 hours and got a positive on both Clear Blue and the cheap test strips. The cheap test strips got significantly darker than the control and the Clear Blue test line was just as dark as the control line.

Lyn has been working overnight (10pm to 6am) so after work Saturday morning, she came home, changed and we went for a quick bite to eat. We got to the RE by 8am and signed some forms. We were then told that it takes 2.5 hours for the sperm to thaw so we went to Target to kill some time. By the time we got back to the RE’s office, Lyn had been awake for 22 hours and was “resting her eyes” if she sat for more than 8 minutes.


We got called back and the nurse apologized ahead of time for rushing us but tells us that the RE on-call has an emergency and needs to leave ASAP. We sign the forms, she tells us the count is 11 million and doctor quickly explains the IUI as he performs it. Then they both disappear. Luckily, this is not our first rodeo so we knew that I needed to lay down for about 15 minutes. After that, we went to find someone so that we could check out.

Post-IUI Ramen. Our little tradition 🙂


Today is 4DPO and I am trying to stay calm. After the IUI, I watched a comedy special on Netflix while Lyn finally got some sleep. I heard laughter is good for the IUI–partly because it’s hard to be stressed out while laughing so I plan to find a new funny book to read as well. I am hoping I can avoid symptom spotting but I will say that if my boobs are at all sore/tender, I will assume that I am pregnant. If they are very sore, I will assume that I’m carrying multiples, haha. I joke but my boobs are never sore/tender even AF doesn’t bother them.

Cheers to my first TWW! Anyone else in the TWW? What are people doing (or have done) to stay distracted?


12 thoughts on “TWW has begun!

  1. I’ve been right where you are. Tried two unmedicated IUI cycles, pregnant on the first of the IVF tries. I’m now 28 weeks along and going for an ultrasound today. Can’t wait to see his little face again.
    Be patient and keep positive!

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    • How exciting! We are planning to do two unmedicated IUIs and if those don’t work, we’ll do medicated on the third. But hopefully, this one takes 🙂 I’m definitely trying to be patient and trying to stay away from googling but it’s tough. Of course, now that I am looking for a distraction, my job isn’t as hectic, haha.

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  2. Ahh the TWW!! I’m going in for my embryo transfer today so I’ll be starting my wait too!! I think I only have to wait 9 days though since the embryo is 5 days old.. Fingers crossed this one works for you!!! 🙂 🙂

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  3. Good luck!!! Sore boobs were definitely my first and most noticeable symptom, but I don’t think it was obvious until after I had a positive pregnancy test. So don’t despair if they feel normal! May I recommend Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra on Netflix?

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    • Thank you and good to know!

      I’ve never heard of her. I will definitely check it out—thank you! 🙂 I watched two John Mulaney specials on Netflix and I do recommend them.


  4. I would start up new art projects or read a new book. Ironically, I didn’t pay attention to my last TWW since we had taken a break from trying to conceive. I tested at random and found out I was pregnant! The only symptom I remember having was being 3 days late.

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    • That would be lovely 🙂 I’ve been watching a lot of comedy specials on Netflix. I tried reading a new book but it turned out to be a dud. We should know soon—I’m 12dpiui.


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