Wisdom Teeth Out & Sperm In: A Classic Swap

This update is quite the doozy and I’ll try to be succinct. Last we left off, we were going to take this cycle off to get my wisdom teeth extracted but I ended up getting an appointment much faster than expected and the healing time went without a hitch. So, exactly one week and a day after getting my teeth pulled, we were going in for my second IUI unmedicated. Needless to say, it wasn’t a normal cycle. Usually on CD1, I start pomegranate juice, raspberry leaf tea and try to keep my uterus nice and toasty instead I started all this on CD10. To make matters worse, we weren’t 100% sure that I would be in town for the IUI because I had a work trip to Las Vegas on CD15 and I usually ovulate on CD14. We were cutting it pretty close.

As a refresher, when Lyn got pregnant, she also was a little preoccupied dealing with a huge check fraud case at work with hundreds of pieces of evidence that needed tending. Under the assumption that stress plays a significant role in conception, we both weren’t particularly optimistic about the cycle. Lyn was barely eating or sleeping, let alone any positive visualization or drinking fertile teas. When I was talking to my mom about this during the cycle, she said to think about women in war-torn nations and the stress they experience and yet, they are able to conceive. This helped boost morale a bit even though the example she provided doesn’t exactly reflect the lesbian IUI process with frozen sperm that only last 12 hours in utero. But at the end of the cycle, it worked. So, who’s to say that I couldn’t get pregnant shortly after getting my teeth pulled and working in Las Vegas during the start of my TWW?

The decision to proceed with an IUI was last minute and we were going back and forth. Part of the Las Vegas conundrum was that it’s a pretty drunk city and I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to explain to my coworkers night after night why I just didn’t feel like drinking. And yes, it is disappointing that it requires an explanation… I ended up blaming it on the dentist and that she said alcohol may slow down my recovery process which was a lie I was willing to do.

Because we were going back and forth and eventually not even sure if I’d ovulate in time, we were not really doing any instagram updates (or blog updates)–sorry folks! And then, once the IUI finally happened, we thought why not keep it a secret? It’d be a fun surprise if it works! My mom also has no idea that we went in for an IUI. I’m a fan of surprises so it seemed perfect not to tell her that our plans changed.


But after all that, we got a couple BFN and dearest AF showed up first thing 12DPO. So we are on to my first medicated and monitored cycle. I’m crossing my fingers that the baseline appointment is uneventful and informative. I’ll be in touch!

— Em (and Lyn)


2 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth Out & Sperm In: A Classic Swap

  1. Good luck! We did medicated cycles just to have every possible percentage of success we could. Positive visualization helped my heart a lot during the process. A roller coaster but so worth it♡.

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    • Lyn did medicated cycles when she was trying but I wanted to try two unmedicated cycles to reduce chances of multiples. I have a bad back so I wanted to reduce my chances of carrying more than one little one. You are absolutely right that this is a roller coaster ride. It can be painful and also amazing. I’m hoping this is our cycle for baby #1! 🙂

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