Femara & Other Updates

Today is CD7 and so far this cycle is pretty much the opposite of the last in most regards. I’m drinking my pomegranate juice, raspberry leaf tea and room temp water everyday. I’m eating sweet potatoes mostly daily. I’m also trying to be mindful of the nutritional value in the foods that I eat and staying away from heavily processed food. And I am continuing to do acupuncture once a week. It’s also my first medicated and monitored cycle–luckily, Lyn has experience in this realm to help out. That said, we did a have a little snafu with femara.

On my third night taking it as I was falling asleep, Lyn wanted to make sure I took my femara. Instead of waking me up, she thought to quickly check to see how many pills were left. She was expecting to see 4 little round pills and instead found a mounting pile. She counted them in the bottle and discovered there were 18 pills. At this point, she is not so concerned with my sleep. She asks me if I took femara to which I replied, “yes.” She told me there were 18 in the bottle and that the doctor had apparently prescribed 20 (even though I was told to take two pills for 5 days). That didn’t make any sense to me but I am half asleep and decide that is a problem better suited for the morning. When I wake up, I vaguely remember this conversation. It still didn’t make sense to me so I thought it was a dream. Whenever Lyn woke up, I quickly learned it was not a dream.

We never figured out what happened. I have a hard time believing that on my first medicated cycle, I forgot to take two nights worth of medicine. But I also struggle to believe that a pharmacist would miss count. In the end, we decided to continue taking them on schedule at night and take an extra dose.

As for the side effects on femara, I was exhausted the first two days and I had a bad headache on day #2 but otherwise have been fine. We go back to the RE for our midcycle appointment on Monday and I can’t wait to see how I’ve progressed. At baseline, I had 14 potential follicles on the left and 8 potential follicles on the right.

— Em (& Lyn)

P.S. I also updated our cost sheet that we’ve been managing. The femara ended up being $9.41 for 20 pills and the progesterone that I’ll start on 4DPO was $61.10 for 40 pills.


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