Meeting Known Donor & Positive OPK

Yesterday, we met with our known donor! I have met him before but it had been awhile so it was great to sit down and get a plan together. Luckily, during this meeting we spent more time hanging out than going over all the details–I was a little nervous about the details. One of the great things about our donor is that he has donated before for another couple so we are just following the same plan. In the past, they would give him a heads up of their estimated ovulation date and when they would need his assistance. On the day of, they would hang out a bit and then give him an inconspicuous large coffee cup with a specimen cup inside. He would take that and do his business in a bathroom and return it to them. He then leaves and the couple would do their insemination. Seems simple enough.  

We were surprised to hear that he did not want a hotel room and that a bathroom was more than sufficient. But I guess that could help with last-minute donations if Lyn’s ovulation date shifts. We asked if 2-3 donations would be okay during the fertile window and he said that would be fine.

Questions I had:

  1. Any plans of moving in the near future (as far as planning for baby #2)?
    • He said not in the foreseeable future
  2. What kind of relationship would you like with the child, if any?
    • He said none and that he just wanted to help us start a family. He said he was open to meeting the child once they are older and if they are curious.

Needless to say, we were happy with both answers. If I were in his position, I would be curious to see updates about the child but with him and Lyn following each other on social media, he would have access to that (in the case that we move out of state). Before we met, I did research on different questions to ask donors and most of them related to family history, genetic diseases, and STDs. Thankfully, we don’t have to go through any battery of testing because he already did genetic testing and STD testing when he donated for the other couple. Neither Lyn or I have any severe disorders or illnesses in our family history so we aren’t worried about any negative interactions through conception.

Lyn is doing OPKs and we were expecting a positive on Thursday but instead she got one today (Tuesday)!!! I was at CVS Pharmacy picking up pre-seed when Lyn texted me with the picture of the smiley face. It made my shopping experience a little bit harder… We were not expecting it at all. Yesterday, she took a digital and it was the lightest (non existent) line I have ever seen. I guess that was a broken test. So I got home from CVS Pharmacy and she had all our supplies loaded in a grocery bag. I decided we should also bring a pillow and a blanket. With this being so last minute, we’ll have to do our first “home insemination” in the back of my car on the top of a parking deck. Luckily, the parking deck is pretty vacant. But this is so surreal… More to come!


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