First Home Insemination

Yesterday was our first “home insemination” which occurred in the back of my car. I got a text from Lyn while at the pharmacy buying pre-seed that she got a positive OPK. This was much earlier than we expected. She usually gets a smiley face on CD12-13 and yesterday was CD10. With the benefit of using a known donor we were planning on starting inseminations the day before her expected positive OPK, the day of the positive and potentially the day after. Her early positive definitely put a wrench in that plan. So, I bought the pre-seed and headed straight home to see my wife quickly gathering all the supplies: 5mL syringe, specimen cup, newly purchased pre-seed, large coffee cup to hold the specimen cup in public, and the softcup. While getting ready to head out the door, I thought to grab a pillow to elevate the hips and a blanket.

After that, we face after work traffic to meet up with the donor. During this time, we are both very nervous to say the least. Neither of us really had a chance to mentally prepare. This whole past week, we planned on doing this in a hotel room with ample time to go over the plan. Instead, we had a car ride to consider the steps. Once we got to our secluded parking spot, Lyn puts in the pre-seed while I read her step-by-step directions. We were both surprised by how involved the directions were.

The donor came from work surprised by the timeline change but ready to help. We passed him the coffee cup with the specimen cup inside and he went to do his business. Shortly thereafter, he passed the cup back to us and we parted ways. We headed back to the car where we frantically decided to lower the back seats and layout a blanket. From there, we followed our previous plan: a little bit of arousal, semen goes into syringe, syringe goes in and I slowly inserted the semen, we left the syringe in for a couple minutes, and finished with an orgasm. After that, I discovered that there was a little bit of semen left in the cup so I put that in the syringe and inserted it. Lastly, the softcup went in. We laid there together for a little bit with Lyn’s hips elevated as the sun drifted away. Then, we went for ramen to celebrate and discuss next steps for today.

For today, we decided to go without pre-seed because of their mixed reviews. We will try it again tomorrow. I also emptied my trunk so we don’t have random lawn chairs and reusable bags to fuss with. And I brought more blankets and another pillow. Let’s hope this works!



25 thoughts on “First Home Insemination

  1. One of the things we found helpful was a clear plastic speculum that we ordered from Amazon. My wife would use it to actually see the cervix and then put the sperm right on the exact spot. Hopefully this round works and you won’t need any other supplies, but just in case, it’s something to think of.

    Fingers are all crossed for you two!

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  2. You are going to look back and LOVE these stories. The details of your journey are going to be preserved here and all the awkward, tense and haphazard things that seemed like craziness will be part of your beautiful story. Some of the funniest moments, looking back, are the ones that involve our at-home pregnancy process. Good luck!!!

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  3. Best of luck! It can be a harrowing journey. I remember once we did it in a friend’s bedroom, me all splayed about, my then-partner wearing one of those coal miner hats or whatever they are with the light on them. Lesbian baby making is so hot, right!?! Haha! That one didn’t take but eventually one did and he is 15 now. It’s gonna happen, just don’t give up.

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  4. Awesome first attempt! I love the places and situations that people can TTC in when it’s not bound to a clinic. We always tried at home in my bed because our donor lives close, but his wife used to drive the semen over to our house like some kind of booty call 😆
    Fingers crossed for you!

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  5. You ladies so remind me of myself and my AI journey. The first time my known donor came he came off a night shift and at the time I felt comfortable him coming to my then flat. He went in the bathroom to do his thing and I remember how awkward it was as I didn’t know if I should of been talking to my then partner or if we should of been quite and then it all went down hill my kittens thought it would be clever to go scratching at the bathroom door and he lost his mojo after what seemed like hours he then said that he was going to go away from the flat and 10 mins later he was back with the specimen. He still finds it funny to this day. I luckily caught on my 4th cycle with him after trying on and off for 4 years. I’ve done the back seat too which I found really awkward. Keeping everything crossed and sending baby dust that it works. Also seen your very positive opk 9n your story you’ve definitely got the timing right x

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    • Wow! That’s funny. At home inseminations are a completely different animal. Haha. Thanks for the reassurance on the timing. We are feeling good about the timing. Hopefully this works! 🙂


    • Thank you! We are doing well on our TTC break. We are trying not to get too bummed that the holidays are here and we aren’t close to our goal. Some days are better than others and it also helps that we are staying busy. I hope you are doing well! 🙂


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