HSG – Take Two!

Hello! Em here. Monday was HSG day and I thought I would share my experience especially since I had a very different experience than Lyn. She had a relatively uneventful HSG and some cramping to follow. Read More »


New Plan

Hello folks! It’s Em. So the last month has certainly been a rollercoaster ride with many ups, downs and tight turns. It also came with that anxiety that happens as soon as you get strapped in a roller coaster and there is no turning back. That might be a little too dramatic… Anyways, after the miscarriage, we got hit with another delay that could potentially keep us from trying again until the first of the year. This was unsettling after all of our momentum so the gears started turning and we devised a new plan. Read More »

The 36-Hour Day

Hello! This is Em. We’ve been radio silent for a little bit because we got hit with some bad news. The day before we left for our anniversary/graduation/birthday vacation to Hawaii, we learned that the baby was slightly underdeveloped measuring at 6 weeks instead of 6 weeks and five days. More importantly, they couldn’t find a heartbeat. While speaking with the nurse practitioner, she said our chances of successfully continuing the pregnancy was about 50/50. In this instance, they would typically want us to come back in a week and do another ultrasound but we’d be in Hawaii and gone for roughly two weeks once the Memorial Day weekend was lumped in. She said we could go to an OB/GYN in Hawaii but ultimately decided that we didn’t want bad news from a stranger. That evening was not good and the worst part for me was this looming sense of helplessness. There was absolutely nothing that I could do. Neither of us were particularly thrilled to jump on a plane the next day but we did.Read More »

Swing and a Miss

Hey folks! Em here… Sadly, I’m here to report that our TWW ended with a visit from AF and a slew of negative pregnancy tests. It was hard at first–we really felt good about that cycle. But we are now on to the next cycle. We had our baseline appointment last Friday and we got the green light to go forward. The silver lining of it all is that we didn’t have to wait. For the past couple months, we’ve had so many hiccups that we were both just used to being told to wait. But after Lyn’s cycle started, we called the doctor and got right to it which helped us move on. Read More »

Fingers Crossed

At the discovery of my cysts at the last baseline ultrasound, I was prescribed 3 weeks of birth control pills to take before coming back. Last week, I finished the pills (well… I skipped the last two) and was able to get another baseline ultrasound appointment for this past Thursday. Read More »

Three Week Wait?

Sorry we have been MIA for the last two weeks, and we owe you all an update on the fertility front.

After our last post we were able to schedule baseline ultrasound for our 1st IUI cycle. Our appointment was in the morning, and we were apparently the only people who arrived on time that day. Despite the overly crowded waiting area, we were still called back to get the blood drawn and for the ultrasound before our scheduled time.Read More »