New Plan

Hello folks! It’s Em. So the last month has certainly been a rollercoaster ride with many ups, downs and tight turns. It also came with that anxiety that happens as soon as you get strapped in a roller coaster and there is no turning back. That might be a little too dramatic… Anyways, after the miscarriage, we got hit with another delay that could potentially keep us from trying again until the first of the year. This was unsettling after all of our momentum so the gears started turning and we devised a new plan. Read More »


Rheumatology Appointment

Last week, I (Em) went to see the rheumatologist for the first time after getting referred from pain management. I went after work and I was not mentally prepared. I was going because pain management told me to go–I had no other purpose. I forgot my notebook and I had work issues on my mind. The doctor was a little odd. He didn’t ask a lot of questions but he expected a lot of answers. While he was slouched over a table resting his head on his propped arm, I eventually gathered that he wanted my whole back pain spiel. Read More »

Passing the Torch

After a lot of thought and several conversations, I’ve decided to pass the gestational torch to Lyn for Baby #1. It was always the plan for me to carry Baby #1 after I graduate but with the recent developments with my back and hip issues, we both think it will be best if Lyn carried Baby #1.

I’m also starting to accept the idea that Lyn may also carry Baby #2. We are waiting to see what the doctors say as they try to figure out this chronic pain riddle but at the end of the day, I know my body. I have a good idea of what causes my pain and how to minimize it.Read More »

Pain Management

This post is a little overdue but it is still very fresh. About three weeks ago, I went to my first consultation with pain management. Going into the appointment, I was a little skeptical. About six years ago, I was diagnosed with degenerative discs with mild bulging and since then, I’ve always known orthopedic physicians to be the experts on the spine. So after talking to my new primary care physician after an insurance change, I was a little bewildered when she recommended pain management and not an orthopedic. At the same time, I was thinking of an old Showtime show, Nurse Jackie, where the star was a nurse addicted to narcotics and I vaguely recalled her scoring drugs at a pain management center… But I knew that was unfair and I tried to keep an open mind.Read More »