First Home Insemination

Yesterday was our first “home insemination” which occurred in the back of my car. I got a text from Lyn while at the pharmacy buying pre-seed that she got a positive OPK. This was much earlier than we expected. She usually gets a smiley face on CD12-13 and yesterday was CD10. With the benefit of using a known donor we were planning on starting inseminations the day before her expected positive OPK, the day of the positive and potentially the day after. Her early positive definitely put a wrench in that plan. So, I bought the pre-seed and headed straight home to see my wife quickly gathering all the supplies: 5mL syringe, specimen cup, newly purchased pre-seed, large coffee cup to hold the specimen cup in public, and the softcup. While getting ready to head out the door, I thought to grab a pillow to elevate the hips and a blanket. Read More »


Meeting Known Donor & Positive OPK

Yesterday, we met with our known donor! I have met him before but it had been awhile so it was great to sit down and get a plan together. Luckily, during this meeting we spent more time hanging out than going over all the details–I was a little nervous about the details. One of the great things about our donor is that he has donated before for another couple so we are just following the same plan. In the past, they would give him a heads up of their estimated ovulation date and when they would need his assistance. On the day of, they would hang out a bit and then give him an inconspicuous large coffee cup with a specimen cup inside. He would take that and do his business in a bathroom and return it to them. He then leaves and the couple would do their insemination. Seems simple enough.  

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Another New Plan – Big Changes on the Way!

With my last cycle being cancelled due to no follicles on CD12, we have devised a new plan… A carrier switch up and going with a known donor. So that means we are walking away from the RE and the fertility clinic. While Lyn and I have been talking about this, I still feel like it was abrupt probably due to the cancelled cycle. Overall, I am ready to walk away from the clinic. It has been stressful and costly. Over the past year and change, we have spent $12,959.74 USD and we are starting to lose faith in the IUI process with frozen/thawed sperm. If we need to go back to frozen/thawed sperm, I think IVF will be more in the conversation than IUI. I think it is amazing that we live in time where we can order sperm on the internet, find a team of medical professionals ready to help and try to start a family. But it’s not perfect and we are tired. Read More »

CD1 & Fertility Diet

It’s cycle day 1! We will be calling the fertility clinic tomorrow morning to schedule our baseline ultrasound appointment for this week. If all goes well, we will be moving forward with our first IUI this cycle.   

As you all know, making a baby is not easy or cheap so we want to do all that we can to conceive in as few rounds as possible. After a lot of research and reading lots of blogs, here are a couple things we are trying out with our first insemination. Read More »

A Holiday Miracle

For the past 65 days, Lyn and I have been working tirelessly to collect all of our medical records from our primary care doctor’s office to deliver to the reproductive endocrinologist (RE) office. To reduce costs, we’ve done all the various blood tests and diagnostic images with our primary care doctor’s office and now we need to gather all the records in preparation for a January insemination *fingers crossed*. Around 30 days into this, we got about 60% of Lyn’s records and 0% of my records. We made our request early October but had received very little. We tried calling the medical records department repeatedly, giving them reasonable deadlines, giving them unreasonable deadlines, spoken to supervisors and we didn’t know what else to do. Read More »

Passing the Torch

After a lot of thought and several conversations, I’ve decided to pass the gestational torch to Lyn for Baby #1. It was always the plan for me to carry Baby #1 after I graduate but with the recent developments with my back and hip issues, we both think it will be best if Lyn carried Baby #1.

I’m also starting to accept the idea that Lyn may also carry Baby #2. We are waiting to see what the doctors say as they try to figure out this chronic pain riddle but at the end of the day, I know my body. I have a good idea of what causes my pain and how to minimize it.Read More »