7 Things We Are Grateful For…


  1. Wonderful marriage where we genuinely complement each other and allow each other to grow
  2. Supportive family that will welcome a new addition to our family
  3. This online community we’ve been welcomed into over the past monthRead More »

Pain Management

This post is a little overdue but it is still very fresh. About three weeks ago, I went to my first consultation with pain management. Going into the appointment, I was a little skeptical. About six years ago, I was diagnosed with degenerative discs with mild bulging and since then, I’ve always known orthopedic physicians to be the experts on the spine. So after talking to my new primary care physician after an insurance change, I was a little bewildered when she recommended pain management and not an orthopedic. At the same time, I was thinking of an old Showtime show, Nurse Jackie, where the star was a nurse addicted to narcotics and I vaguely recalled her scoring drugs at a pain management center… But I knew that was unfair and I tried to keep an open mind.Read More »

First Consultation & Sir Duke

Before we get started, we meant to introduce an integral member of our team in our initial blog post:

Sir Duke
Sir Duke

Now that we’ve gotten that taken care of… This week, we had our initial consultation with the reproductive endocrinology clinic. Going into the appointment, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Although we knew the clinic was LGBT friendly, living in the South, it is always something in the back of our minds.

As soon as we walked in, the receptionist greeted us with a smile and told us that she had already consumed her 10:00am snack–it was 7:42am. I don’t think she ever said hello instead she spilled her secret. Either way, it definitely eased any nerves that we had.Read More »

Back Problems & Preparing for Baby #1

This is Em and I wanted to talk a little bit about how I am physically preparing to carry Baby #1. I have degenerative discs in my lower back with mild bulging and mild stenosis. Degenerative discs, from my basic understanding, means that the discs between the vertebrae of my spine have lost some of their cushion and have worn down (see image below). I experience pain on a regular basis and am constantly aware of my back. I try to avoid bending over, lifting any weight, sitting for long stints of time and carrying extra weight.

Degenerative Spine

While pregnant, I will be carrying extra weight and I expect it will irritate my back. Over the years, I have seen a couple different orthopedic doctors and they’ve all said that someone with degenerative discs can carry a child but it just might require additional support. We are hoping to do our first IUI in May/June of 2018 and until then, I am preparing in a couple different ways:Read More »

The Beginning


Em & Lyn Wedding Pictures
Our Wedding Day


We’ve always known we wanted to have children together, so that fact was never up for debate. The only question was when we would have said children. Well, that when has turned into now! After getting married, we decided that the time to start planning was right, and we have begun our journey to expanding our family!

I think it’s important to note that we are in the VERY BEGINNING of this process. Like this is all super fresh. To date we’ve gone to two LGBT Family Planning Seminars, and had AMH (ovarian reserve) testing done (but only because the free voucher would have expired if we didn’t use it within a month of the seminar).

We are lucky enough to live in a large city where the number of fertility clinics is not in shortage. We are not lucky enough to live in a state where infertility treatment is required to be covered. So with zero coverage for infertility treatments, and a plethora of clinics to choose from, we’ve had to do quite a bit of research as to where we will choose to seek our treatment. We’ve finally made that decision, and have an upcoming initial consultation that we are super excited about.

That being said, we are not in a rush to begin inseminations super soon. Em travels quite a bit for work, and with both of us being in school and working full-time, we are hoping to space things out in order to reduce additional stress through this process. We are aiming for our first insemination to be in May or June of 2018.

Going forward, you may see posts from us written together or from either of us individually. We want to post as the information is fresh, and keep a regular cadence. We plan to use this blog as an outlet through this journey, and as a means to track our Quest in Queer Parenting.

Em & Lyn