Total Costs of Baby Making

I will be keeping a running tally and updating this post after any appointments or after we receive any bills. We are hoping this list, encompassing all of our medical conception expenses, will help others with budgeting. Please note that these costs vary depending on clinics, insurances, luck, and everything in between. Read More »


Fertility Fiasco

After a stressful past 2 days, we are officially in the Two Week Wait! It wasn’t without concern as we were in quite a bit of a panic and chaos leading up to the IUI.  We’ll give you a run down of how it all went down.Read More »

Fingers Crossed

At the discovery of my cysts at the last baseline ultrasound, I was prescribed 3 weeks of birth control pills to take before coming back. Last week, I finished the pills (well… I skipped the last two) and was able to get another baseline ultrasound appointment for this past Thursday. Read More »

Three Week Wait?

Sorry we have been MIA for the last two weeks, and we owe you all an update on the fertility front.

After our last post we were able to schedule baseline ultrasound for our 1st IUI cycle. Our appointment was in the morning, and we were apparently the only people who arrived on time that day. Despite the overly crowded waiting area, we were still called back to get the blood drawn and for the ultrasound before our scheduled time.Read More »

CD1 & Fertility Diet

It’s cycle day 1! We will be calling the fertility clinic tomorrow morning to schedule our baseline ultrasound appointment for this week. If all goes well, we will be moving forward with our first IUI this cycle.   

As you all know, making a baby is not easy or cheap so we want to do all that we can to conceive in as few rounds as possible. After a lot of research and reading lots of blogs, here are a couple things we are trying out with our first insemination. Read More »

No More Nightmares

Growing up, one of my favorite books was called “Hold the Bus” by Arlene Alda which had nothing to do with the classic song about buses and how their wheels ‘go round and round.’ It was a counting book where a series of animals would embark a bus doing silly things like five purple poodles eating noodles. Apparently, this bus driver let all sorts of chaos aboard his bus. But I had many favorite books. Before we went to sleep, my mom would read us these books and she would narrate them as if it were a broadway production. She would get loud, bang her feet, clap her hands or even whisper, if the book called for it. Read More »

The Green Light

Hey guys! So as of the last blog post, we were scheduled to go in for a post-surgery consult with our fertility doctor on Jan 15th. Unfortunately, we got a call 2 days before the appointment that our doctor had come down with the flu and needed to reschedule. We were able to get an appointment for the 19th, which was CD14 for me (i.e. the day I ALWAYS ovulate). We were super bummed knowing that our January cycle was not going to be an option anymore, but shit happens, and you can’t really be mad about someone getting the flu.Read More »

The Last Hurdle

This past Friday (Dec. 15) I had my hysteroscopy, D&C (dilation and curettage), and polypectomy. This surgery was (hopefully) the last hurdle before we can start our inseminations! I had general anesthesia, so I don’t remember the actual procedure, but I’ll give you guys a run down of the pre and post surgery experience.Read More »

The Midas Touch

When we first started thinking about starting a family, we didn’t put much thought into the whole sperm donor process. Because we both have brothers around the same age as us, we initially considered asking them if they would be interested in donating their sperm so that our children could have both of our genetic material (Obviously Lyn’s brother with Em’s egg and vice versa). However, we quickly found out that using a known donor is even more expensive than buying from a bank. That, coupled with some logistical issues (Lyn’s brother lives in London), saved us from an awkward conversation and sent us on our journey to finding the perfect donor. Read More »

A Holiday Miracle

For the past 65 days, Lyn and I have been working tirelessly to collect all of our medical records from our primary care doctor’s office to deliver to the reproductive endocrinologist (RE) office. To reduce costs, we’ve done all the various blood tests and diagnostic images with our primary care doctor’s office and now we need to gather all the records in preparation for a January insemination *fingers crossed*. Around 30 days into this, we got about 60% of Lyn’s records and 0% of my records. We made our request early October but had received very little. We tried calling the medical records department repeatedly, giving them reasonable deadlines, giving them unreasonable deadlines, spoken to supervisors and we didn’t know what else to do. Read More »